KIDE Vegan Brushes

June 26, 2019

KIDE Vegan Brushes

Introducing the 100% vegan KIDE makeup brushes, which are designed to achieve a natural and flawless finish.

These high quality hand-crafted brushes are made in Japan using traditional brush making techniques. The super soft bristles are made from a mix of hypoallergenic synthetic fibres, that have been developed to achieve a high brush performance. The handles are made of FSC harvested maple.

Brush 1.
These densely packed bristles enable you to pick up the desired amount of powder for a light to medium coverage.
The lightly tapered shape makes it especially suitable for applying foundation, blush and highlighter as well as contouring.

Brush 2.
The high hair density of this brush enables you to pick up the desired amount of powder for a light to medium coverage. The lightly rounded shape makes it especially suitable for applying bronzer and blush, but it works well also applying foundation. By adding layers you will achieve a medium coverage.

How to use:
Move the brush in a circular motion on the powder to collect the desired amount.  Tap off the excess or rub it lightly in a circular motion in the palm of your hand to load the entire surface of the bristles with the powder and apply on your face.
By gently pressing together the tip of the brush, you can apply powder with precision to smaller areas, such as the brow bone, on your eye lids or under the eyes.

Daily care:
After each use, lightly tap off any excess powder with your fingers or gently wipe off remaining powder by sliding the outer surface against a soft tissue. By doing this, the brushes need less washing.

Monthly care:
When the bristles contain a lot of makeup, wash with lukewarm water. Put a drop of mild soap in a cup of water and dip the brush up to the handle in the liquid. To remove the makeup, gently squeeze the bristles with your fingers from the edge of the handle outwards to the tip. Rinse the bristles thoroughly and gently squeeze out excess water with a towel or a tissue. Finally use your fingers to reshape the brush head and allow the brush to dry away from heat.