Our cosmetics and the ingredients used are of natural origin and organic where possible.
We have chosen the ingredients in all of our products so, that there would be as much beneficial ingredients as possible, while we have tried to minimise the use of fillers or other unnecessary additives, which have no reason to be in the products.


We like to keep makeup minimal and think that everybody looks good with very little, just enough to give a natural and healthy looking skin.
To keep makeup quick and easy, we suggest using bronzing powders all year long as they bring a healthy looking warmth to any skin.
The bronzer should give a light freshness and not be visible as such, therefore choose a bronzer that is one to two shades darker than your foundation.
If your skin is lightly pigmented, choose the blushing powder for a fresh and natural look.


The package is made from one solid piece of hardwood maple, harvested from FSC -certified forests. No chemicals have been used in treating the box and the wood is naturally antibacterial.
Please take good care of the product. It is a piece of nature and it does behave like one. Each box is unique and has its own natural character. If exposed to extreme temperatures or humidity changes, the box may react or it can take time for it to adjust to new environments. So if going to a new climate, allow some time for the package to adjust, as it may become tight or loose at first. Store in a dry place, but if you happen to forget it into a more humid environment, don't worry. Once the package has been taken to a drier place it will open again after a day or so.

And always, if any problem persists, please let us know and we can either help you, or of course replace the product if one of our boxes becomes too temperamental. You can reach us at:


We aim to ship products as fast as possible by courier services. We ship globally, however unfortunately we cannot take responsibility of any customs or taxes, which might be applicable in your country. Currently we are based in the EU, so naturally such fees are exempt in the EU.

If the product has not been used, we accept returns. Please contact us, should you wish to return the product and we will be happy to instruct you further and issue a refund swiftly. However, as KIDE is a cosmetics product, we cannot accept returns, which have been tampered with.